In this unit, university students participate in product design processes and develop critical insights about design. The process of developing a product design requires a range of skills, abilities and resources. The provision of opportunities related to product design and technology is based on several understandings about: - systematic approaches - the conceptualisation and evaluation of ideas and how their subsequent production can be organised in logical ways; - multifaceted and multidiscipline perspectives – the production of two and three-dimensional products requires understandings of art, science and technology; and - principles of sustainability and innovation – as a response to social and cultural imperatives and with a history (past and current) that informs the near future.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse how design and product development is influenced by context;  
  2. Evaluate visual presentation innovations, concept development and production;  
  3. Investigate and create interactive multimedia resources in the fields of design and technology;  
  4. Demonstrate the connection between editing and presentation techniques and'  
  5. Assess sustainability of innovations in design and technology.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Creative Works Concept Development 20%
Creative Works Multimedia Project Draft 20%
Creative Works Cookbook 30%
Presentation Multimedia Project Presentation 30%

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