This unit will assist students to address a range of contemporary issues in education and training, emerging from diverse sources - from classroom and locally-nominated questions to state, national and global policy matters. Questions of educational purposes in contemporary society and approaches to educational research will be raised as part of discussions of social justice, sustainability and planetary health, helping to map the broad terrain of education, care and training sectors. It is possible for the unit coordinator to specify prior to the unit offering particular issues for focus or to negotiate with a group to cover particular interests. A range of readings will contribute to building a digital archive that reflects a range of sources, media and perspectives. A discussion board, wiki or blog for the unit will be used to encourage critical discussion among participants. This is a compulsory commencing core unit for students in the Masters of Education.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Articulate a broad knowledge of education issues in the contemporary context;  
  2. Exhibit comprehensive knowledge and understanding of debates on one major issue in relation to one or more education and training sectors;  
  3. Analyse and position themselves in relation to global and local professional and scholarly educational debates; and  
  4. Critically relate the current formulations of issues with arenas for educational action, including their own professional sphere of education.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Participatory issues analyses (equivalent to 1000 words) 20%
Assignment Group presentation of issue analysis (part A) (equivalent to 1750 words) 35%
Assignment Individual evaluation (part B) (equivalent to 750 words) 15%
Presentation Individual oral report on educator’s standpoint (equivalent to 3000 words) 30%
Total assessment for this unit will be 5,000 words or equivalent.

Required reading

Education, Change and Society.
Welch A, Connell R, Mockler N, et al. (2018)
Oxford University Press.

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