This unit is the culmination of three Approaches to Teaching and Learning units that establish a critical perspective of formal education, schooling, teaching and learning. The notion of 'critical' is taken to mean a self-determining, all-sided and comprehensive engagement with and understanding of social and educational issues that enable appropriate strategies to be implemented for improvement. For teaching, this denotes recognition of economic and cultural factors that impinge on families and classrooms and how the personal learning of students can proceed with integrity. This process requires engagement with parents / carers and the broader community to understand the factors surrounding student's lives. It involves collaboration with teaching peers to evaluate and improve practice. Critical perspectives emerge from continuing experience with significant complex issues, with colleagues monitoring their functions and procedures and observing the impact of actions taken to achieve particular outcomes. The enactment of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and research strategies is consolidated through this process.

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EED6101 - Indigenous Perspectives and Standpoints in Education

Successful completion of the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Education students. Satisfactory completion of 40 days of practicum.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Articulate their understanding of a range of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices from a critical perspective;  
  2. Critically engage and communicate their experience of educational practice and praxis through, portfolio dialogue and rich task investigation;  
  3. Analyse the role of economic and cultural factors that impinge on families and classrooms and how parents/ carers and the wider community influence students' education; and  
  4. Demonstrate their educational researchfulness through the critical design and implementation of curriculum, lesson planning and associated assessment of student learning  


Assessment type Description Grade
Portfolio Presentation of teaching artefacts that demonstrate a readiness to teach as summarised in the Australian Professional Teacher Standards – Graduate. 30%
Report Critical review of professional understanding through a response to education practice. AfGT Element 1,2,3,4. 70%
Satisfactory completion of 20 days of teaching practicum and mentor teacher report, plus the collection of teaching and learning artefacts to support demonstrated teaching practice. All written assessment tasks are equivalent to 5000* words. *Word count in this unit may exceed the stated amount due to the compulsory requirement of completion of a Teaching Performance Assessment, the Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT). Hurdle: Students must demonstrate attainment of all AITSL graduating standards through completion of both assessments.

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