This unit will be structured around your questions about teaching and learning mathematics in school classrooms. At the same time, you will focus on developing and refining understanding, knowledge and skills in mathematics and mathematics education to enable the implementation of interesting and integrated approaches to mathematics learning that value the diversity of school students. Evidence-based understanding of how carefully selected numeracy activities build effective lessons and learning sequences will be developed, as well as implementing appropriate mathematics assessments to determine how effective a learning sequence is.

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ECP3101 - Junior Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy

ECP3102 - Secondary Specialisation Assessment and Reporting

ECP3103 - Senior Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy

ECP3104 - Innovations in Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy

EEC4110 - Curriculum and Assessment in Primary Literacy

Satisfactory completion of Year 3 secondary school practicum. Successful completion of the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Education (LANTITE)** for students enrolled in EBED only. This unit is only for Education students undertaking the courses EBED and ABED.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Elucidate knowledge and ability in the planning and teaching of mathematics to diverse learners;  
  2. Design opportunities for developing mathematical ideas across the curriculum;  
  3. Evaluate and plan effective learning and teaching relevant to the mathematics curriculum;  
  4. Articulate understanding of current research on teaching and learning mathematics; and  
  5. Evaluate sources of professional learning and resources in Mathematics and Mathematics Education.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Report Research, analyse and report mathematics education specific teacher professional learning. 25%
Project Plan a sequence of lessons on an aspect of primary mathematics in collaboration with a small group of peers. 45%
Portfolio Undertake a series of exercises based on developing mathematics assessment that will form a portfolio. 30%

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