In this unit, you will undertake an extended and continuous period of teaching in a school. You will take increasing responsibility for the classroom program, and as professional competence develops, manage your progress towards professional competence and recognition (in conjunction with the classroom mentor teacher(s), the school partnership coordinator and the partnership support coordinator where necessary). You will also meet regularly with mentors to monitor your developing competence and confidence. This unit (EEC4107) links with the course intentions of strengthening the connection between theory and practice (praxis inquiry) and ensuring that graduate teachers have deep and connected understandings of the content they are teaching and the pedagogical approaches for implementing the curriculum; and engaging professionally with colleagues, parents, carers and the community. This unit also connects with the course learning outcomes of engaging with the profession in order to advance understandings and practices and heighten professional satisfaction thus ultimately leading to the enrichment of educational opportunities and contexts for students. Finally, the application of critical understandings of the changing nature of society to the development of educational policies, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment processes relevant to students' needs, and the ability to work in partnerships with schools to interrogate and critically analyse the role and practice of education are considered to be key elements of continuous improvement. Students in this unit are advised that restrictions apply to withdrawing online once enrolled, to meet the requirements of external placement providers.

Unit details

Study level:
Credit points:
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ECP3101 - Junior Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy

ECP3102 - Secondary Specialisation Assessment and Reporting

ECP3103 - Senior Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy

ECP3104 - Innovations in Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy

EEC4110 - Curriculum and Assessment in Primary Literacy

Satisfactory completion of Year 3 secondary school practicum. Successful completion of the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) for students enrolled in EBED only. This unit is only for Education students undertaking the courses EBED and ABED.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Meet the professional requirements of the graduating teacher as indicated by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers - Graduate Career Stage from learning-focused relationships with students.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Practicum Professional experience practicum in a primary school setting. Pass/Fail
To pass this unit, the graduating university student must have: Hurdle task: Satisfactory completion of Year 4 Applied Curriculum Project Report and satisfactory Year 4 Project Partnership End of Practicum Report.

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