Professional Contexts is a capstone unit where knowledge, capabilities and expertise is applied to a setting where education occurs. The Bachelor of Education Studies is designed to prepare the student for work as an educator in a variety of settings. This unit (EEC3003) will provide the opportunity to apply your knowledge of curriculum, ethical considerations and specialisation knowledge in a professional context.

Unit details

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EDS1002 - Arts and Performance - Addressing Disability

EEC3002 - Curriculum Inquiry

EED2000 - Curriculum Development and Implementation

ESP2001 - Making the Conditions for Learning: Ethical and Reflexive Practice

ESP3002 - Understanding Processes of Innovation

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse and evaluate perspectives in the theory, research and practice of education in community and human service contexts in a changing world;  
  2. Review the conditions for lifelong learning appropriate to individuals and groups in social settings, incorporating ethical, sustainable and socially inclusive criteria;  
  3. Engage effectively in teaching teams and work collaboratively as members of a work based team;  
  4. Demonstrate respect and value for diversity and difference as a positive resource to be encouraged within the community and its organisations.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Locate and analyse the organisations mission statement and describe an instance of its implementation. 25%
Case Study Identify and describe a critical moment in learning and teaching in this organisational context. 35%
Presentation Discuss and reflect with your mentor a critical learning and teaching moment and analyse against your educational position. 40%

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