This unit will enable you to develop understanding of the development, implementation and evaluation of the Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) curriculum. It will include the origins of second language curriculum development, curriculum development, learner variation, overall aims and learning outcomes. It also covers course planning and syllabus design, the role and design of instructional materials, student assessment and learning program evaluation.
This unit will address teaching approaches, resources and materials, and assessment and evaluation as well as considering the challenges and issues in 21st century TEAL education. The scope of the unit includes the development of your ability to work with students, in a range of settings, on their key investigative, communication and TEAL skills and understandings.
The unit connects and supports you to articulate and reflect on important questions by investigating personal, school-based, theoretical and socio-cultural explanations of experiences in educational settings, including the principles underpinning the creation safe and secure classroom environments. 

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse and articulate the underlying principles of the second language curriculum and assessment practices;  
  2. Appraise and reflect on key theoretical and practical issues and debates around contemporary TEAL curriculum design and assessment;  
  3. Design, trial and assess a second language learning program for a specific audience and context; and  
  4. Analyse culture of teaching and learning.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Develop a profile for EAL learner for a particular setting (500 words) 20%
Presentation Presentation and discussion about principles and practices of temporary EAL teaching. 30%
Assignment Design an English as an Additional Language learning program (1500 words) 50%

Required reading

Students will be provided with an up-to-date reading list via the VU Collaborate system.

How to teach English
Harmer, J. (2007)
Pearson Longman

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