This unit of study is the third core unit undertaken in the disability specialisation. It further develops the themes introduced in Critical Contexts in Disability. Social justice and inclusion are important themes that underpin the Disability Studies Specialisation stream. This unit of study will provide students with an opportunity to examine disability and inclusion in educational settings through a social justice lens. Students will also inquire into teaching and learning strategies that can assist in catering for learner diversity. In this unit students will engage with a key set of questions that include: What is my personal philosophy of social justice? What are the conditions for equity and social justice in educational contexts? How do teachers establish safe learning and teaching environments? What is the connection between theory and practice when reflecting upon those factors that facilitate a socially just learning classroom climate? The use of socially just language, assessment and pedagogical practices that cater for diverse learning needs will also be closely examined.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically evaluate concepts of social justice, disability and inclusive practice and how they relate to educational settings;  
  2. Analyse and interpret effective teaching and learning strategies when working with children with a disability;  
  3. Synthesise knowledge of how teachers create safe and supportive learning environments; and  
  4. Investigate the incidence of exclusionary language and its impact on students with a disability, and promote the use of socially inclusive language.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Presentation Students to present their personal philosophy statement tied to their understanding of social justice. 20%
Assignment Draw on the individual stories and collaborative activities to write a critical reflection on socially just teaching and learning strategies 50%
Presentation A group debate of an issue in the area of social justice and inclusive education. 30%
Effective word limit of 3000 words in total, or equivalent.

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