In this unit students will examine the relationships between politics, policy and impact, in their chosen area (for most students this will be an Early Childhood context, but it does not have to be).
Students will analyse the role of advocacy in influencing policy, and the implications of funding, government philosophies, and historical understandings of the policy framework. Students will undertake a study of the impact of changes of policy in their chosen field. They will analyse the ways in which various bodies interact to negotiate the policy constructions that frame their work. As policy is normally written in the context of a community of thought, students will undertake all assessments in this unit in small groups or pairs. Part of the learning in this unit involves negotiating their role and the roles of others within this working groups. Students will be supported through this process.

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ECE3002 - Advocacy in Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Education

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Identify the ways in which political agendas influence policy  
  2. Analyse the impact in the workplace of particular policies  
  3. Participate in the writing and development of policy  


Assessment type Description Grade
Review Critically review an existing policy, identifying the purpose and impact of that policy 20%
Exercise Write a policy document 40%
Presentation Present an explanation of the policy document from assessment 2, identifying key drivers in the policy and potential impacts of the policy 40%

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