In this unit students will analyse models of leadership and critically review their application in Early Childhood and other settings. As future leaders in their workplace, students will be asked to examine questions such as: how do we make good decisions in times of crisis? What informs my decision making? What processes of decision making are effective and impactful? How do we make decisions with the care and safety of children and vulnerable people at the forefront? What are our responsibilities to the people we work with? Students will also examine the role of mentoring. 

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ECE3002 - Advocacy in Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Education

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse models of leadership and identify those models that most align with their personal values;  
  2. Examine and explain their own decision-making processes, and the ethical standpoints on which they are founded;  
  3. Critically reflect on contemporary issues and their impact on Early Childhood education;  
  4. Successfully engage in and reflect upon the process of mentoring.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Workshop Design and present a workshop outlining the practices of a specific model of leadership 20%
Other Reflection of a personal mentoring experience in the course 10%
Case Study Describe and analyse a real life scenario where leadership choices impacted on the outcome 40%
Presentation Work in a group to present a leadership scenario from practice (based around conflict), identifying a range of possible outcomes 30%

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