In this unit students will develop approaches to, and methods of, change that foster organisational responsiveness to the rapidly changing and competitive environment. The aim of this unit is to provide you with a clear understanding of some key changes necessary for organisations to bring about innovative and sustainable ways of achieving improved business performance and the issues underlying these.  Understanding organisational change will help students imagine how organisations will continue to change over the next decades, and how this might affect employees, organisations and the community.

This is a third year unit in the Bachelor of Business with a specialisation in Management.  This unit provides students with a framework for rethinking their organisational change and management experiences, and for gaining a critical appreciation of future change management practices that creates a pathway for organisational innovation. Students will understand how to lead and manage change.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critique the nature, causes and dynamics of organisational change;  
  2. Identify, critically review and distil key issues affecting change in organisations;  
  3. Explain, evaluate and propose modifications to the theories, principles and concepts of change in organisations to better support innovative approaches to successful organisational change occurring in particular settings;  
  4. Rationalise the causal change model and analyse and compare the effects of change;  
  5. Present learnings/findings in individual and team based formats illustrating initiative and professionally-appropriate judgement with report writing skills;  
  6. Develop persuasive communication skills to be able to direct change culture in contemporary organisations or community settings;  
  7. Practice and develop key change generic skills of critical thinking, teamwork, communication and work in an environmentally responsible manner; and  
  8. Reflect on behavioural complexities associated to organisational change.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Essay Literature Essay (Individual) (week 4) 20%
Report Organisational Change Report (Group) (week 10) 40%
Presentation Change Practitioner Presentation (Group) (week 11) 20%
Journal Learning Reflection Journal & Peer Evaluation (Individual) (week 12) 20%

Required reading

Organization Development & Change, 10th edition,
Cummings, T.G & Worley, C.G. (2015).
Cengage Learning, Stamford, USA.

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