This unit of study examines two broad and distinct areas of the law starting with the law of contract. Contract Law is the building block for all further study of law. The unit will critically examine the basic principles of contract law and interrogate the nature and legal consequences of contract, formation of contract, legal capacity, performance of contract, breach of contract and remedies. The second part of the unit will critically review relevant laws in relation to company law. Topics covered include: types of companies; corporate personality; company constitution; contracts made by the company; share capital and loan capital; directors and officers duties; shareholders remedies. The coverage of these topics however will be minimal and students will demonstrate high levels of personal autonomy and accountability and information literacy as they evaluate complex ideas and concepts and apply established legal frameworks to contemporary business situations and companies.
This unit will equip the students with knowledge of relevant business rules and regulations to help them in managing contemporary business organisations dynamically and efficiently.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically review the Australian legal system and institutions relevant to commercial actors and advisors and argue its relevance in managing contemporary business organisations;  
  2. Critically examine the general areas of contact and corporate law and regulation encountered by commercial actors in local and global settings;  
  3. Commentate on the impact of political, economic and technological factors contributing to the evolution of commercial law;  
  4. Justify legal rules in an ex post manner (i.e. apply to a predetermined set of facts, leading to a determinate outcome) or ex ante (the shadow of the law provides incentives for commercial actors to re-frame their transactions to achieve a commercially preferred outcome) in a range of given situations; and  
  5. Deconstruct commercial transactions and exchanges within a legal framework and apply relevant legal rules and principles to resolve complex problems with creativity and initiative.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test Quiz on Reading 5%
Assignment Case Study - 500 words 15%
Assignment Research Assignment - 2,000 words 30%
Examination Final Examination - 3 hours (all topics) 50%

Required reading

Business and Corporations Law 3rd
Fitzpatrick J, Symes C, Veljanovski A, Parker D. (2017)
Lexis Nexis Butterworths

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