This unit introduces students to the specialist theory and practice of marketing across international borders. Marketing in an international environment is increasingly important for many businesses. While the core principles of marketing apply, this subject will provide students with knowledge, understanding and techniques related to undertaking marketing in an international environment and marketing to global markets.

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BHO1171 - Introduction to Marketing

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse the effects of the international business environment on product, promotion, distribution and pricing strategies;  
  2. Present the importance of cultural adaptation in marketing programmes and corroborate a cultural and cross-cultural understanding;  
  3. Critically review different predispositions consumers have towards foreign products, domestic products and products produced in particular countries;  
  4. Cross-examine and elucidate appropriate strategies for marketing products in international markets including the most appropriate entry strategy; and  
  5. Collaboratively, predict the key factors involved when marketing products and services in a global market.  


Melbourne campuses

Students studying under the VU Block Model.

Assessment type Description Grade
Test In-class MC/TF Test 20%
Presentation Group Presentation 20%
Report Group Report 30%
Test Short Answer Response 30%

Other locations

Assessment type Description Grade
Test In-class Test 30%
Presentation Individual Presentation 20%
Project Final Group Report 50%

Required reading

Global Marketing - Global Edition (9th ed.).
Keegan W. J. & Green M. C. (2017).
New Jersey, USA: Prentice Hall International.

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