A person may be admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business who is recommended by the Faculty of Business and Law Research and Graduate Studies Committee providing that she/he has: a master's degree; or a four-year bachelor's degree with honours or honours degree with a superior performance (normally first class or 2A honours level or equivalent, such as a postgraduate diploma which is an extension of the discipline contained in the undergraduate qualifications) of a kind and in a discipline as determined by the Faculty of Business and Law Director of Research and Graduate Studies; or qualified for entry into the University's master by thesis program, duly enrolled and shown exceptional ability in the conduct of the first stages of the project which is clearly capable of being extended to PhD level. In such cases a master's candidate may transfer into a PhD program provided that the Committee approves a recommendation of the Faculty of Business and Law Research and Graduate Studies Committee to that effect. The proposed or continuing project must be a significant one, expected to produce an original contribution to the particular discipline, equally comparable with an original PhD proposal - not an hypothesis extended beyond a master by thesis by time and/or additional work. Proposal for redefinition of a program should not be considered before some reasonably definable point of progress of a master by thesis program has been reached; or an alternative and exceptional background together with an unqualified recommendation from the Faculty of Business and Law Research and Graduate Studies Committee which justifies special consideration by the Committee. For admission to a PhD program a student must provide evidence of a background in research methodology. Content of the unit of study is designed to provide training and education with the objective of producing a graduate with the capacity to conduct research independently at a high level of originality and quality in the field of business. Students should uncover new knowledge either by the discovery of new facts, the formulation of theories or the innovative reinterpretation of known data and established ideas. The final thesis is expected to be well-written and to reveal an independence of thought and approach, a deep knowledge of the field of study and to have made a significant original contribution to knowledge.

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Research thesis, 100%.

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