This unit will provide students with an introduction to key elements of effective corporate governance and will familiarise them with the concept of corporate regulation. Important areas of corporations law will be examined, with particular emphasis on the duties of directors and managers. Aspects such as incorporation, share capital and membership, company constitutions, agency and contracting, dividends, fundraising through share issues and by debt, shareholder rights and the insolvency and winding-up of companies will be addressed. Stock exchange regulation and corporate social responsibility will also be explored. Students will consider the types of rules and behaviours that constitute good corporate governance, equipping them to become effective business managers and 21st Century citizens.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Interpret duties owed by Directors, managers and employees, as corporate agents, to their organisations, shareholders and broader society, taking into account the body of corporations law;  
  2. Assess alternative approaches to corporate regulation;  
  3. Interpret and construe applicable laws and regulations that impact upon the roles of managers;  
  4. Analyse legal problems and synthesise legal rules and principles with fact situations, applying methods of reasoning, to recommend courses of action; and,  
  5. Persuasively advocate, in academic writing, suggested solutions to problems that can arise in contemporary business practice.  


Melbourne campuses

Students studying under the VU Block Model.

Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Problem based assessment (Group) 20%
Case Study Applying company rules to a business scenario case study (Group) 30%
Test Open book class tests - 2 Progressive Assessments (25% each) 50%

Other locations

Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Problem-based assessment (Group) 20%
Case Study Applying company rules to a business scenario case study (Group) 30%
Examination Open book examination (3 hours) 50%

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