Business Integrated Learning

Unit code: BBB3100 | Study level: Undergraduate
(One credit point is usually equivalent to one hour of study per week)
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Students will reflect on one or more approved Learning in the Workplace activities totalling 150 industry contact hours as the basis for their studies in this unit. These activities may be either short-term workplace assignments, projects, internships or "practicums", part-time or casual employment or voluntary work in a course-relevant industry sector.

During their studies, students will:
Explore their workplace context by examining a typical organisational structure and identifying their individual role/s as an active member within the organisation as well as that organisations position within the respective profession and/or industry; Develop an understanding of the broad issues relating to the transition to the professional workplace, including workplace culture, professional etiquette and communications; Critically evaluate their own technical and interpersonal skills against those required by their host organisation/s; Gather evidence of their experiences and skills development for integration into a career portfolio; Reflect on the integration of their academic and workplace learning.

All activities for this unit must be pre-approved and authorised by the respective Work Integrated Learning, Workplace Co-ordinator. Credit will not be approved retrospectively for unauthorised activities.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate their own technical and interpersonal skills in relation to those required by the employer or profession that they aim to pursue;
  2. Diagnose areas of interpersonal and professional skills development and develop appropriate strategies to address the skills gaps identified;
  3. Gather evidence of their experiences and skills and discriminate between alternatives for inclusion in a career portfolio;
  4. Initiate the development of networks and professional contacts within their chosen industry sector; and
  5. Critically reflect on the integration of their academic and workplace learning.


For Melbourne campuses

Assessment type: Report
Grade: 20%
Situational Analysis Report
Assessment type: Report
Grade: 40%
Critical Reflection
Assessment type: Report
Grade: 40%
Career Plan Report and Self-Appraisal

Required reading

Selected readings will be made available via the unit VU Collaborate site.

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