This unit examines the roles and functions of organisations vis-a-vis international security, food, education, health, the environment, trade, economic development, human rights and the status of women. A comparative approach is adopted in examining operations of international organisations, states, the corporate sector and civil society. The roles, functions and operations of the UN's specialised agencies are investigated vis-a-vis influence on their member nation's policies. Other programs of the UN are looked at from the point of view of their strategies and policy-making and competing philosophies between them. Various regional bodies and international financial and trade organisations are reviewed.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically view current debates and discussions within the arena of international community development;  
  2. Conceptually map how the internationalisation of economic, political and cultural processes is redefining the role of nation states and communities;  
  3. Demonstrate interpretive skills with respect to the formation and delivery of community development programs in specific cultural settings; and  
  4. Cogently advocate recommendations through corroborating evidence to a variety of audiences.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Essay Short essay discussing key issues in the international relations field. 25%
Essay Essay examining a contemporary regional or global issue and how it has been approached by different organisations 50%
Presentation Write-up of presentation given to class. 25%

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