This capstone unit aims to help students consolidate skills and accompanying psychological knowledge acquired in previously completed psychology units. Students will be asked to complete a major project where they will plan, research and deliver a professional development workshop on a relevant workplace issue (e.g. conflict, workplace diversity). Adult learning principles (i.e. self-direction, drawing on prior experience and knowledge, goal-orientation, relevancy-orientation, practicality and respect) will be applied to the learning process in this unit. Students will be further prepared for their transition into the workforce at the end of their degree, by looking for current positions which might be of interest to graduates of the course, and responding in writing to the key selection criteria for one of these positions.

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APP2013 - Psychology 2A

APP2014 - Psychology 2B

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Further student knowledge, skills and experience fit into selection criteria employers set for relevant graduate jobs;  
  2. Collaborate in critiquing and commentating on psychological issues pertinent to work and work settings;  
  3. Critically reflect on workplace psychological issues;  
  4. Develop and deliver a professional development workshop on a relevant workplace issue; and  
  5. Provide professional feedback to colleagues.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Job application - cover letter, curriculum vitae and responses to key selection criteria (1,200 words) 20%
Project Part A: Project Group Brief (20% - 500 words) Part B: Infographic (20%-500 words) Part C: Prof development workshop (30% - 45 mins Group Presentatio 70%
Other Professional feedback forum (Feedback to other groups) 10%

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