This unit is designed to apply theories and principles of health and community psychology to individual, group and community settings. Special emphasis is given to social health issues and community-based strategies such as self-help, consumer participation, and social policy initiatives in health promotion and public administration contexts. Learning will focus on the application of psychology principles and techniques to the promotion and maintenance of health and mental health, the prevention of illness, and the promotion of wellbeing in chronic illness and disability. Other factors such as various medical conditions (including chronic, acute and psychosomatic), psychosocial determinants of health (violence against women, child sexual assault, socioeconomic status, indigenous background), and life stages (e.g. paediatric, adolescent, adult and aged) are considered. Relevant skills, such as group facilitation and training, networking and advocacy, consultation, behaviour change interventions and program implementation will be developed.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically examine the principles of community based health prevention; from the individual level, the group level, and to broader community contexts including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;  
  2. Exhibit an understanding of the principles of behaviour change in the health context;  
  3. Conceptualise the effectiveness of health promotion concepts and strategies;  
  4. Implement an ecological model to explain socio-cultural factors related to health and wellbeing.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Report Interview and Minor Report (1000 words) 30%
Report Major Report (3,000 words) 50%
Report Written reflection on their own learning on the indigenous health topic (indicative 1000 words) 20%

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