This unit (APC7901) is the first of two units designed to provide students with experience in planning, conducting, analysing and reporting a thesis in an area of specialisation relevant to Clinical Psychology, or Community Psychology. This work prepares students for conducting the thesis project, and reporting the research in APC7902 Thesis 2. Students will work with a thesis supervisor to identify a research question, become familiar with, and critically review relevant literature, and develop and present a research proposal and a research ethics application.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Exhibit knowledge the factors to be considered in designing psychological research studies;  
  2. Identify and formulate a viable research question and project;  
  3. Critically review and evaluate the literature associated with their proposed thesis project and analyse and synthesise complex information;  
  4. Implement academic learning and knowledge to design a research project suitable for submission to a reputable peer reviewed journal ; and  
  5. Produce a research proposal and research ethics application.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Other Submission of a full thesis proposal (Word length: 1500) Pass/Fail
Other Submission of a VU ethics application Pass/Fail

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