In this unit students will understand the importance of exercise physiology in sport and exercise performance, including elite sports and recreational exercise. This unit focuses on: the physiological requirements of sport, the importance of physiological systems in athlete performance; and the principles underlying physiological exercise testing from both a theoretical and practical perspective, with an emphasis on sports specificity and field-based and laboratory-based testing. Practical sessions require students to administer and interpret exercise tests that are fundamental to sport physiology including: maximal oxygen consumption, agility, speed, muscle strength and power testing. Students gain an understanding of how exercise training is monitored as well as practical experience using state-of-the-art technology (global positioning systems and accelerometers). This unit discusses the value of quality data collection, analysis and interpretation and how to communicate this information to coaching staff and athletes.

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SCL1002 - Exercise Physiology

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Construct appropriate physiology-based testing protocols for different athletes and teams and justify their appropriateness;  
  2. Collect and analyse results from a range of sport specific tests putting them into the context within the scientific literature;  
  3. Employ evidence based problem solving in current physiological topics in the current scientific literature and communicate the outcomes; and  
  4. Explain the theoretical background for athlete testing and training and strategies to enhance performance.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Test A series of short answer tests covering practical and theoretical knowledge 20%
Assignment Written assignment requires the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data regarding athlete testing (Part A: Analysis Part B: Interpretation) 50%
Portfolio Students will create and submit a series of documents, spreadsheets and visualisations to build an athlete management system. 30%

Required reading

Physiological tests for elite athletes, 2nd edn,
Tanner, RK & Gore, CJ 2012,
South Australia: Human Kinetics.

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