This unit contributes to the graduate researcher's progress towards the production of a thesis in an approved thesis format for independent examination by at least two external expert examiners of international standing. In this unit of study the graduate researcher will be expected to demonstrate progress towards thesis completion.

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Satisfactory completion of the four course work units achieving an average of 70% or H2A.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Develop expert understanding of a substantial body of theory and its practical application at the frontier of a field of work or learning, including substantial expert knowledge of ethical research principles and methods applicable to the field;  
  2. Demonstrate intellectual independence and cognitive skills to undertake a systematic investigation, reflect critically on theory and practice and evaluate existing knowledge and ideas, including identifying, evaluating and critically analysing the validity of research studies and their applicability to a research problem;  
  3. Utilise cognitive, technical and creative skills to: a) design, develop and implement research project/s to systematically investigate a research problem, b) develop, adapt and implement research methodologies to extend and redefine existing knowledge, c) manage, analyse, evaluate and interpret data, synthesising key ideas and theorising within the context of key literature;  
  4. Employ expert communication skills to explain and critique theoretical propositions, methodologies and conclusions; to disseminate and promote new insights; and to cogently present a complex investigation of originality, or original research, both for external examination and to specialist (eg. researcher peers) and non-specialist (industry and/or community) audiences through informal interaction, scholarly publications, reports and formal presentations;  
  5. Conceptually map strategies for achieving their own learning and career goals;  
  6. Develop intellectual independence, initiative and creativity in new situations and/or for further learning;  
  7. Substantiate ethical practice and full responsibility and accountability for personal outputs;  
  8. Show autonomy, authoritative judgment, adaptability and responsibility as an expert and leading scholar; and  
  9. Generate original knowledge and understanding to make a substantial contribution to the discipline and/or professional practice.  


The graduate researcher will demonstrate substantial progress towards completion of the research thesis through formal meetings with their thesis supervisors, who will provide formative feedback. The development of the thesis will be regularly assessed by the supervisory team, the College and University through regular progress reports. The graduate researcher will demonstrate expert skills in designing, implementing, analyse, theorising and communicating research that makes a significant and original contribution to knowledge and/or professional practice. The thesis is examined by two external examiners of international standing.
Assessment type Description Grade
Thesis Research Thesis Pass/Fail

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