TESOL Methodology

Unit code: AEG5123 | Study level: Postgraduate
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Footscray Park
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This unit provides an introduction to the principles of learning and teaching English as an additional language in the era of globalisation and technological developments. It takes a practical approach, addressing a number of contemporary approaches to language pedagogy across all ages and levels. Based on the view of language as a fundamental tool for communicating and meaning-meaning, the unit engages students in a discussion of the cultural and social contexts of language learning and teaching, and encourages them to take a principled, engaging, creative, and analytical approach to language pedagogy. Other topics to be treated include the politics of language teaching and curriculum renewal, and language teachers as researchers.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of diversity in student backgrounds and experiences, learning purposes and opportunities for English as an additional language, in a range of education contexts;
  2. Critically appraise, select and adapt EAL learning and teaching resources, activities and sequences in ways that explicitly address learner diversity;
  3. Design a unit of work for a learner cohort involving a variety of EAL/D resources, strategies, activities and sequences addressing issues specific to English as an additional language;
  4. Investigate ways of assessing and providing feedback to EAL/D learners from diverse backgrounds and experiences to enhance their learning opportunities for English as an additional language in a range of educational contexts; and
  5. Develop and apply critical and analytical skills and professional judgement to a range of tasks, and communicate and transmit these ideas in an academic context.


For Melbourne campuses

Assessment type: Exercise
Grade: 20%
Analysing two EAL/D learner profiles
Assessment type: Assignment
Grade: 30%
Adapting texts for EAL/D learners
Assessment type: Project
Grade: 50%
Designing a unit of work integrating four skills (listening and speaking; reading and writing)

Required reading

Changing Methodologies in TESOL.
Spiro, J. (2013). | Edinburgh University Press Stable

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