This unit of study prepares pre-service food technology teachers for the delivery of practical food classes. Through the practical sessions, students will develops skills in food preparation, methods of cookery and technologies used in the production of food. Students will apply safe food handling practices particularly those in simulated work environments (e.g. school or community settings). This unit culminates in students independently constructing a simulated practical session that demonstrates the incorporation of dietary, cultural and social factors

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AEB1502 - Learning the Service of Food and Beverage

EFT2001 - Food Science and Technology Education

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate culinary preparation, cooking and presentation styles through use of a range of recipes;  
  2. Analyse food preparation methods through recipes to determine required commodities by classification, purchasing, costings and storage conditions, safe food handling and preparation;  
  3. Utilise food production methods and technology in a simulated kitchen environment; and  
  4. Interpret how a range of factors including diet, cultural and social influences on food preparation and provision.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Laboratory Work Successfully complete 3 practical sessions demonstrating professional practice in 3 principles in a kitchen setting. Submitted at end of Session 3. 15%
Laboratory Work Students to successfully complete 5 practical sessions demonstrating professional practice in 5 principles in a kitchen setting 45%
Exercise Investigation, preparation for and delivery of a simulated food related class (1200 words) 40%
The Laboratory Work is a hurdle task where it is an expected requirement that students successfully complete every principle.

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