The successful communication of research means that important messages are received by the wider community. In this unit, students develop skills associated with communicating and disseminating research, both their own and the work of others. We study the ways individuals and organisation find and absorb material, in order to plan a strategy. For instance, we will track how research moves across a social network and visualise the results. New forms of more interactive means of storytelling are also reviewed. Presentation skills, written and oral, to connect with a range of audiences are a focus of the unit. Case studies of successful campaigns inform our assessments.

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Students must complete the equivalent of at least 8 units from the postgraduate program in Digital Media before undertaking this unit


There are no co requisites

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Propose and position their work within a broader field of research, and frame its outcomes relative to academic and/or industry research agendas;  
  2. Critically evaluate their own work and the research of others;  
  3. Understand the research process from proposal to publication and beyond;  
  4. Confidently and ably communicate their ideas orally and in writing to a variety of audiences  
  5. Understand the ways by which digital media and communications research is produced, and its actual and potential contributions to society;  


Selecting from the following formats/delivery vehicles for translational research (or additional ones proposed by students), students complete three minor assessment tasks or one major assessment task, adding to a total wordlength value of 3000 words: Write and deliver a two-minute 'elevator pitch' about their research Develop a media release based on research project (translational research, crowd funding) Publish a short blog of an interview with academic peer/mentor, industry researcher or other, about their research OR Prepare and submit manuscript on research project to postgraduate level journal
Assessment type Description Grade
Other Online engagement 20%
Portfolio Portfolio submission 1 30%
Portfolio Portfolio submission 2 50%

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