The notion of the still life, from its traditional art historical milieu, to its function as a metaphor for artwork in general, will be explored in the context of contemporary art practice via a series of rigorous studio-based projects. To facilitate a unique visual vocabulary, students will be encouraged to work experimentally with still life objects selected for their conceptual relevance to issues concerning personal identity and culture. This preliminary research will be extended into individual self-initiated projects resulting in a resolved series of contemporary artworks aimed at public presentation or gallery exhibition. In individual tutorials, group tutorials and lectures, formal issues will be considered in relation to conceptual concerns such as clarity of intention as it is embodied in the work/s of art. Lectures will draw upon and discuss examples of various historical and contemporary artworks and the concept of research in the visual arts.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse and appraise key concepts of the 'still life' in historical and contemporary art practice;  
  2. Adapt to given studio tasks and practical methodologies with a flexible and innovative approach for an original self-initiated creative outcome;  
  3. Optimise art production techniques appropriate to their unique artistic language and engage creatively with a range of practical studio projects and a self-initiated project;  
  4. Propose and qualify ideas for the production of a series of original artworks in both written and visual formats;  
  5. Create a body of sophisticated finished artwork and related writing for public presentation and/or exhibition; and  
  6. Apply the principles of sustainable, safe professional studio practice for effective collaborative and individual artistic production.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Portfolio Preliminary folio presentation 20%
Project Self-initiated project proposal 30%
Creative Works Self-initiated project presentation (five works of art and presentation) 50%

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