This unit offers students an opportunity to experience academic life, particularly as it relates to the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts, through an exploration of social value in and around Footscray. We will explore different sites in Footscray in order to engage with conceptions of value including, for example, beauty, order, justice, and community. Students will plan field trips, organise their findings, link their experiences to academic texts, and present the findings of their explorations to their peers. Collectively, we will learn about conceptions of value that relate to the Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts, and engage with evidence of the pursuit of these values by organizations operating in our local community.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Collaborate in the planning of a field trip in order to explore human activity aimed at building social value in Footscray;  
  2. Gather and organize evidence of the building of social value in Footscray;  
  3. Understand and interrogate selected academic contributions to our concepts of social value;  
  4. Explain connections between academic concepts of social value and examples of the building of social value in Footscray.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Portfolio A portfolio of field trip plans (2-4 A4 pages per group). 20%
Exercise Students will discuss an academic concept and its relevance to selected data (600 words) 40%
Report Students, working in groups will report their findings gathered from a field trip (400 words per student) 40%

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