VU has made a strategic commitment to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at every opportunity

The 17 SDGs align with VU’s strong tradition of social justice and our moral purpose of transforming the lives of students and communities. They are at the heart of achieving planetary health and improving the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. 

We are holding ourselves accountable for contributing to the SDGs through our teaching, our research, our campus operations and through our partnerships.

SDG higher-education commitment

In March 2020, VU became a signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Higher Education Commitment, made by 18 universities in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region. 

This commitment recognises that universities have a vital role to play in addressing these critical global challenges and achieving the SDGs and their 169 targets by 2030. In signing up to this commitment we acknowledge:  

‘Universities have a responsibility through their teaching to equip the next generation of leaders, innovators and thinkers to understand the global challenges facing the world and the role they can play in rising to meet these challenges. Through their research and training of research leaders, universities are at the forefront of finding sustainable social, economic, environmental and technical solutions to global problems. Finally, through their own operations, universities can pioneer innovation and can set an example to other sectors and businesses.’

Through this commitment, Victoria University has agreed to: 

This joint pact means the universities are committed to strategic and operational action in support of the SDGs within their activities. 

About the SDGs

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was agreed by all 193 Member States of the UN at its Sustainable Development Summit in New York in September 2015.  

The Summit culminated in the development of the 17 SDGs, as a shared global framework of development priorities to 2030.  

The goals aim to bring an end to extreme poverty, promote prosperity and wellbeing for all, protect the environment and address climate change, and encourage good governance and peace and security. 

More information about the Australian effort to meet the SDGs is available on the Global Compact Network Australia SDGs website