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With family and friends back home in Nepal who are VU graduates, Bibek Subedi was inspired to apply for the Diploma of Engineering upon hearing word of VU's friendly staff, practical learning approach and reputation as a top-listed university.

 Diploma of Engineering student Bibek Subedi
Bibek Subedi is studying the Diploma of Engineering at VU.

The Diploma of Engineering is a one-year higher education diploma that provides a direct pathway to the second year of VU undergraduate engineering degrees.

"I wanted to try something new and test myself with a degree that would help my career in the future - I wanted to be a graduate from a top-listed university in the world," Bibek says.

Bibek says he enjoys the freedom and flexibility a diploma has given him to explore a range of fields within engineering before commencing his undergraduate degree.

During his studies, Bibek has also attained his first part-time job, at McDonald's, where he is now training to be a manager.

"That's what I love about the Australian education system - while studying you can start a job, you can experience the culture and you can meet people. In Nepal we don't have that opportunity."

After graduating, Bibek says he hopes to bring design elements of Melbourne home to Nepal.

"Nepal is a beautiful country with plenty of mountains and hills, the only thing missing is structural development. All those bridges and buildings in Melbourne, we really need that."