Smooth talker

Burundi-born VU student Pierre Rutomera came to Australia with limited English language skills.

"When I arrive in March 2015 my English language was very bad," Pierre recalls.
"But now I am able to make a presentation in English, speak to everyone and listen to TV shows without any problems," he says.

Pierre enroled in English for Academic Purposes at VU English in 2015, enabling him to apply for a postgraduate course at VU upon completion of his studies.

VU English, the University’s English language centre, was established in 1987 and has since offered a range of programs designed to improve international students’ English language proficiency and prepare them to study diplomas, degrees, masters and PhDs.

"One of the best things about the course is the teachers because they are collaborative, helpful and their teaching methods are appropriate for international students," Pierre, who is a mathematics tutor at VU, says.
"Furthermore, the course content covers skills needed in today’s general workplace.
"I learnt a lot of new vocabulary, many collocation words and new expressions, and my English language has really improved."

Pierre says his experience of the VU English academic program, and VU’s wider support services, has been first-class.

"As we say that Melbourne is the place to be, Victoria University is the place to study.
"The high quality of education and the hospitality of the University’s community set it apart from many universities in the world."

Courses studied

English for Academic Purposes, 2009