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Journey from Mexico to Melbourne

From the diverse landscapes of Mexico to the bustling metropolis of Melbourne, Dulce Colin is acclimatising well to life in the world’s most liveable city.

"Melbourne is a great city – it’s very multicultural, the people are so friendly and there are a lot of opportunities," she says.

Dulce left her home country of Mexico in September 2016 to study a 10-week English language course with Victoria University (VU) in preparation for her Master of Digital Media, which she will begin next February.

As part of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course, administered through VU English, Dulce is learning English conventions for academic reading, writing, speaking and listening, including how to take lecture notes and write academic essays.

Designed for students with upper immediate to advanced levels of English language proficiency, EAP prepares for and provides direct entry into diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate courses at VU.

"I’ve found the course has really improved my grammar and vocabulary," the 28-year-old says.

"When I first arrived in Melbourne I felt like the Australian accent was very hard to understand, but I feel so much more comfortable now."

Dulce, who completed her undergraduate degree in international commerce from the School of Banking and Commerce in Mexico City in 2010, says she was attracted to VU because of its world-class yet affordable course offerings, along with its city-centric campus locations.

"I chose VU because there’s quality in the courses but it’s not expensive in comparison to other Australian universities.

"I also like the fact that there’s a campus (City Flinders) in the middle of Melbourne because it’s very close to everything.

"It makes it easy to go out with friends and study at the same time."

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