From China to VU

After earning a diploma in accounting from Shandong Jianzhu University, Yuqi Jiao enrolled at VU English – Victoria University’s English language centre – to strengthen his English skills in preparation for a VU degree.

“So far I’ve really enjoyed learning about the process of communication because it involved many activities and I was pretty good at it,” Yuqi says.

Shandong Jianzhu University is one of several VU partner institutions across five cities in China, offering international students the opportunity to study an English language course in their home country or with VU in Melbourne.

Designed to prepare students for a diploma or degree at VU, the English for Academic Purposes course helped Yuqi advance in areas of academic culture, writing, reading, listening and speaking.

The topic-based course offers three levels from upper immediate to advanced (one and two). It covers several subjects including culture, trade, language and the law, global issues, business ethics and education.

Among the many benefits of the course, Yuqi says he particularly enjoys attending classes at VU’s City Flinders Campus, which is home to VU English.

“The City Flinders Campus has a great energy because it’s right in the centre of the city.
“All the teachers I have are very friendly and nice too – I get along really well with them and I have made lots of friends in my course.”

Having developed advanced English skills since he started at VU English in September 2015, Yuqi is now planning to enrol in the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at VU when he finishes the course early next year.

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English for Academic Purposes

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