Finding success in the legal road less travelled

While studying her law degree, Elizabeta Nikolovski chose a non-traditional path that led to a career she’s passionate about.

“I’d heard many good things from friends who had studied at VU so I was keen to complete my law degree there.

While studying, I volunteered and worked part-time at a law firm, which helped me to build on my practical skills and professional relationships.

It also helped me decide that I didn’t want to practice law in the traditional way.

I loved the idea of alternative dispute resolution, so I applied for a role at Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria. It was a great fit for me as it drew on my knowledge of the law – concepts like administrative law, privacy, ADR, contracts and trusts.

I soon became a senior conciliator and began coaching and mentoring staff and I then moved into a quality assurance manager role.

I love that I’m in a position with such variety that can effect real change – both internally as well as through helping our customers and providers resolve disputes. I’m continually learning and challenging myself.”

Want to find similar success? Here’s the course Elizabeta studied:

Bachelor of Laws