Using data for the greater good

Emel Karabel in front of a view of the coast
I believe that no matter what job we perform, there is always something we can do to give back to society.

Emel Karabel (Turkey)
Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)

Of all the enjoyable aspects of her studies at Victoria University (VU), Emel Karabel says using data-driven insights for a greater moral purpose was the highlight.

During her Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), the former international student undertook an internship with not-for-profit healthcare organisation DPV Health, conducting data analysis on the demographic, economic, psychological and sociological indicators of family violence.

"My internship at DPV Health was not only meaningful by means of job satisfaction, but by means of its social aim", Emel, originally from Turkey, says.

"Taking part in such a social project encouraged me to do new projects in this direction, and recently I conducted a data analytics study on the living standards of people with autism."

"I believe that no matter what job we perform, there is always something we can do to give back to society."

In her final year of studies, Emel also completed a project with one of VU’s industry partners, O-I Glass Australia, to understand customer needs and develop a product in a short deadline.

"The project taught me a lot about customer-centric work approaches and simplifying business processes," Emel recalls.

"We conducted the project as a group of three from different countries and cultures. Working with people from different cultures has given me a lot in terms of communication management."

Now working as a supply chain analyst at Sydney-based multinational aircraft manufacturer, Safran Helicopter Engines, Emel says studying and living abroad has both expanded her career goals and "personally strengthened me a lot".

"Australia is blended with an awesome nature, friendly people and the interaction of different cultures."

"Although living abroad is not always rainbows and butterflies, this is something that keeps our fighting spirit alive."

Course studied

Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), now the Master of Enterprise Resource Planning