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Thriving through sports partnerships

Adrian Juniper’s career is taking off as he undertakes his placement at Melbourne Victory Football Club, where he’s thriving as the Academy’s Assistant Sports Scientist.

“I chose VU because of its reputation as the sports university.

I’ve been given great opportunities at VU. Thanks to our close relationship with the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne Victory, I get to work with industry leaders and professionals at the top of their game - both inside and outside class.

VU's accompished staff help to facilitate the integration of students into the workforce as well as, if not better, than anyone.

I've learned that practical experience in the field is just as valuable as class work. Industry placements give students the chance to get on-the-job experience while studying. Working closely with people whose job you aspire to do is an enjoyable way to learn.

I know that VU offers a wide selection of postgraduate programs that continue to build experience and industry connections.”

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