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Taking his career to new heights

Completing an MBA at VU gave Ben Cox the knowledge and confidence to successfully develop and pitch a new business concept to his company directors.

I began working for Protect-A-Bed Australia in 2011 and within three years I was promoted to Operations Manager. Soon after, the company offered to fund my MBA, and after extensive research, I chose VU. I started off in the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration and used the pathways program to gain entry into the MBA.

Lecturers possessed a wealth of knowledge and business acumen – and they were always happy to have their brains picked. I also found a lot of support in the student groups that were set up within each unit. I gained countless multinational contacts through networking with fellow students, and I imagine I’ll cross paths with many of them again in the future.

Since completing my MBA I’ve returned to Protect-A-Bed and moved into a new role overseeing business development. I recently had a pitch for a new business concept approved, which we hope to launch mid-2018. My MBA proved pivotal in this process; both in providing me with knowledge, and equally as important, confidence.

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