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Success that's more than skin deep

President of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC), Carly Whytcross, says that the support of VU staff has always inspired and driven her career.

Throughout my degree I was employed by an aesthetic plastic surgery clinic (CAPS Clinic) in Canberra. The business owners saw the value in the degree and sponsored me throughout my studies, sending me to Melbourne each week for lectures. This was a huge commitment on their behalf – and it meant I was able to practically implement in a clinical setting what I was learning week-to-week at university – an immensely valuable experience.

I learnt to identify, evaluate, and manage the physical, psychological, and social needs of my clients. I understand the scope of my practice and know what I can and can’t treat. Completing this course allowed me to build strong relationships with medical professionals within the industry to whom I can refer my clients when required.

While at VU, I received the Outstanding First Year Student award, and since then I’ve been appointed president of the ASDC. The amazing lecturers and mentors I had during my time at VU played, and continue to play, a big part in my achievements.

Courses studied

Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies)