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Success despite the odds

Arriving in Australia as a humanitarian refugee, Ashay Baget was only able to complete 3.5 years of high school, but at VU she found the academic support and industry connections she needed for her career to thrive.

I arrived in Australia when I was 16 years old and enrolled in an English language school. I then completed years nine to 12 at high school. Given my limited English at the time, I received a low ATAR.

After school I got married and had children; five years passed before I enrolled at VU. I was scared of attending university for the first time in my life, but the wonderful support I received gave me the confidence I needed to do very well in all my units.

I was also able to build industry connections that I benefit from to this day. After completing my second placement I received three job offers! The first was for a job facilitating playgroups for young mothers and the second was for a position as a bi-cultural support worker. The third was for a mother’s group facilitator at a special school, which is where I’m working now.

I would never have gained any of these employment opportunities had I not studied at VU.

Course studied

Bachelor of Youth Work/Bachelor of Sport Management