Working the dream at Google

Through seizing practical experience during her studies, and professional opportunities since, Christine Soriano has landed her dream job at Google.

“I didn’t have a computer at home growing up, but my passion for technology grew from my dad’s interest in making, creating, fixing and improving things.

My parents migrated from the Philippines in search of a better life. So I always believed that I could make the best out of the opportunities that I was given.

In the final year of my VU degree in computer science (see Information Technology), I was project lead for our industry project. We were tasked with designing and implementing a solution for a client – a restaurant reservation system. It exposed me to a real business request, project managing within deadlines and understanding what it takes to design, implement and launch a solution.

After graduating I worked as a usability consultant, and then a UX designer for ANZ; where I designed their first iPhone app, goMoney. After the app’s launch, it reached #1 within the App Store under the finance category.

Today I work at Google in Seattle, US as an interaction designer. It's hard to not to be excited as you have the chance to meet and learn from so many talented people. It's an inspiring environment that challenges you to be the best that you can be.”

Course studied

Bachelor of Information Technology