There's no place like VU

Darko Dukic is waiting for his first journal article to be published - something he says he never could have achieved without VU's support.

"When I dropped out of a double degree after receiving low grades VU staff helped me get back on track - even though I was no longer enrolled at the uni. Eventually I re-enrolled in a single degree and finished with a very high average score in my final year. I'll always be grateful for the understanding and support I received at VU. There exists a genuine student-teacher relationship you just don't hear of in other universities across Victoria.

With regards to courses related to the sporting industry, there's no better place to be than VU. I was able to complete a number of industry placements while studying, which was useful in expanding my professional network and helping me find my career path. I absolutely love where I am and the direction I'm going - and that is largely thanks to 'trying before buying'.

At networking events organised by the University, I had the opportunity to meet industry professionals and authors of journal articles that i enjoyed reading. This gave me the inspiration to pursue my research like never before.

Soon I will add to the body of knowledge in my discipline. I am writing a journal article to be published based on my honours research. I have my supervisors to thank for this achievement. Without them, this would never have been possible. My next goal is to undertake a PhD at VU in 2018."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Sport Science (Human Movement), now offered as Bachelor of Sport Science