Teaching to learn

Returning to study was a challenge for mum-of-three Irena Sugarevski, but with the right support she found her feet, and with the right placement, her dream job.

“I chose VU because it offered more placement days than any other university, and I believe placement is where you learn best. During one of my placements I did some team-teaching with another student teacher, and we were both offered jobs at the end of it!

Before I enrolled at VU, I decided to stay at home and raise my young children. I could not have achieved everything I have without support from my husband, family, and VU lecturers.

VU’s support services were also invaluable. As part of my course, I had to pass a maths test, so to brush up on my skills I attended workshops at the library. They ran at lunchtime and were available to all students.

My new position is part-time and at a local independent school – exactly what I set out to achieve. I truly believe my placements enabled me to become the teacher I am today – without them I don’t think this job would have been offered to me.

Placement is precious!”

Course studied

Master of Teaching (Primary Education)