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Swapping roles from student to lecturer

With an undergraduate degree in education, international student Yanri Ramdhan decided to complete his Master of Education at Victoria University (VU) to strengthen his knowledge.

“In my country, VU is well-known for its education system and teaching methodologies,” says Yanri, originally from Sumatra, Indonesia.

“Studying in Australia is the best way to strengthen my knowledge so that I can go back to my home university (Islamic University, Jambi) to teach as a lecturer,” he says.

He says the course has “encouraged me to learn more, understand contemporary issues in education, be more innovative and critically think of new ideas”.

“Beyond the course, Australia and especially Melbourne is such a multicultural place so I am learning a lot from many people from different countries and developing a greater cultural understanding.”

As an international student, Yanri’s advice to anyone thinking of studying in Australia is to volunteer at VU and in the community to build connections and networks.

“VU provides a range of clubs and activities and I’d encourage new students to get involved because it’s a great way to make new friends and meet people from all over the world.”

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