Set for success

Joseph Hafoka is the first in his immediate family to attend university since his great-grandfather, a lawyer. Now studying law himself thanks to two prestigious scholarships, Joseph is finding success through the VU Block Model.

I have always had a passion for law and business and was aware from an early age that it was going to be challenging. But my parents instilled in me a desire to learn and to never give up.

Upon completing VCE, I was honoured to receive a prestigious Hall and Wilcox Award to study law, and also truly blessed to receive a VU Achievement Scholarship. This cemented my study plans and now helps me financially. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today, studying full-time and looking forward to my internship with the firm at Hall and Wilcox.

While there is a vast amount of places to study law, I found that Victoria University was the perfect one for me because of the VU Block Model that it offers to new university students. The program is unique and gives me the best chance of learning to my full potential by smoothly transitioning into uni life.

I love VU because of its open and interactive atmosphere. It’s an environment that makes you want to learn and share your knowledge with others, which I think is important for success in study and in life.

Course studied

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business