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Seeing the world through new eyes

VU’s supportive learning environment was the perfect setting for Abigail Bravo’s career change.

"I came to Australia for a career change. VU has given me exactly that. I don’t see the world like I used to. Melbourne is gorgeous. It is a city that celebrates art and embraces different cultures, and that makes it so beautiful.

I have never experienced a more comprehensive academic support system than VU’s. The lecturers are quick to recognise your potential, nurture it and hand you the tools to flourish. VU creates a multicultural environment with equal opportunity.

I was given opportunities based on academic performance, without preconceived bias or judgement. I always felt very supported in all my endeavours by the staff who were supportive of my goals and went out of their way to help me achieve them.

Participating in a practical internship was a great achievement. I gained practical knowledge from my studies that I could apply right now in the industry. There’s nothing like the feeling of being chosen and having the opportunity to apply the skill set you just acquired in real life."

Courses studied

Master of Digital Media

Abigail Bravo