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Sailing into a career in education

When the SS Marconi docked at Port Melbourne many years ago, a 5-year old Max Caruso disembarked with his family. Through VU’s support and encouragement, Max is now the CEO of a training organisation with international ties, and currently completing a Doctor of Education.

"I found school difficult, partly due to language barriers, but I excelled at sports. After struggling with HSC (now VCE), I took a few years off before putting myself through night classes to complete secondary school. I managed to scrape my way into Bachelor of Physical Education at Rusden College – and so began my academic and schooling career.

Midway thtough my teaching career, I completed a Masters Degree – but I wanted more. Mainly, I wanted to pursue a path in leadership. While working at Independent Schools Victoria alongside VU associate professor, Bill Eckersley, I made an off-the-cuff comment about doing so much research into education, that I may as well complete a Doctor of Education. Well, the rest is history. Bill played an instrumental role in getting me to where I am today.

In fact, I have received endless support and encouragement from countless VU staff members, for which I am extremely grateful. I particularly like the way VU caters and cares for diversity, and the rapport that has developed amongst the students.

At this point, I plan to complete my doctoral work, continue my research, and see where my career progresses from here. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am in my current role due, in large part, to my work at VU."

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Doctor of Education (no longer offered). Read more about the Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) and the Doctor of Philosophy.

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Max Caruso