Research success starts at VU

When passion, a scholarship, and excellent teaching staff unite, student academic dreams come to life. With the help of his supervisors, Christo Odeyemi was able to publish the findings of his Masters thesis.

"I was born in Nigeria and lived in Paris for four years. Despite the fact that I took a French language course, I felt more comfortable studying in English and so made my way to Wellington, New Zealand in 2001. Thirteen years later I was offered a scholarship to study at Victoria University. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse and so I crossed the seas and commenced my Masters of Arts course in 2014.

Thanks to the support I received throughout my studies, I was able to publish the findings of my thesis, which I consider to be one of my greatest career achievements to date. Currently, I’m preparing an application to commence my PhD at the University.

I’ve lived and studied in various locations, but to me, everything about Victoria University is cool. If, however, there was ever a contest, my supervisors would win – any time, any day. Awesome folks! Their help and support has been priceless – without them I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today."

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Master of Arts

Christo Odeyemi addresses a conference