Promoting postgraduate success

With an IT degree, an MBA, and years of experience working within a multinational business organisation, Ana Ibanez knows that study pays off. When she wanted a career change, she turned to VU. Employment in the industry of her dreams swiftly followed – as did a promotion.

"A couple of years ago I decided I needed a career change. I wanted to contribute to my community in a more tangible way.  I became a member on the board of my local neighborhood house, where I began working in the adult education sector.

Soon, I was researching TESOL postgraduate courses and found that VU offered the best one. After completing the course, I applied for a full time job at the Yarraville Community Centre (YCC) – and got it! I haven’t looked back since.

During my time at VU, I undertook a teaching mentoring program and a practicum placement - both of which allowed me to apply what I had learnt to real, authentic settings. This was immensely helpful – particularly as I was thrown into the deep end with my first job. Instead of being put off, I found it to be a rich learning experience. I went on to apply for the position of program coordinator – and also got it!

I highly value the industry insights my study at VU offered and I hope to continue to positively contribute to the area of adult education. It’s an exciting and complex area – one that I find well worth dedicating myself too – and one that I have been successful in thanks, in part, to my VU qualification."

Courses studied

Master of TESOL Education (no longer offered)