Prize-winning printmaker

Quinn Daly discovered her passion for printmaking and gained career direction while studying visual arts at VU.

"I’ve always had an interest in art. I began drawing at an early age and am mostly self-taught. At the end of year 12 I won the prize for highest overall score in Art at my graduation. I enrolled in VU’s Diploma of Visual Arts in 2014.

We were given our own studios to work in – it was really amazing to have a workspace dedicated to producing art and building a body of work.

I won the VU Fiona Myer International Travel Grant Award and was able to travel to Scotland to complete an art residency at Wasps Artist's Studios. It was a rewarding experience and the body of work I completed there is to be showcased in an exhibition.

While studying at VU I discovered a love of printmaking and pursued a job in the print industry. I now work full-time as a graphics pre-press operator."

Courses studied

Quinn's prints being prepared for exhibit.

Diploma of Visual Arts

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