Plan for a career

Studying at Victoria University allowed Anthony Denaro to learn about the finance industry, and go out and put the theory into practice during a year of co-operative education. He credits that for helping him make contacts in the industry.

"The most important things that you need when applying for a job are experience, and contacts in the field. These days, every applicant going for a job has some sort of degree or diploma. What sets someone apart is their contacts. Any time spent in the industry is just so valuable!"

Today, Anthony is a Financial Planner. He loves the job because it enables him to help people get their lives in order and strive for their personal goals. "It gives me satisfaction to know I have helped a client save taxes, earn more in their super, save them on fees, and make sure that their family is protected if something goes wrong."

Of the transition from study to employment, Anthony offers the following - "If you work hard, you'll be rewarded, and if you are organised it makes it a lot easier."

Course studied

Bachelor of Business Banking and Finance specialisation


Anthony Denaro