Passionate about biomechanics

PhD scholar Elaine Tor appointed the first full-time biomechanist at the Victorian Institute of Sport.

"Swimming biomechanics is an area I have always been passionate about. I have worked very hard over the years to ensure a long-term future in the industry.

I chose to do my Honours and doctoral degrees at VU because of the University’s strong reputation in sport science, and for the opportunity to work with Dr Kevin Ball and Professor Damian Farrow, who provided me with outstanding supervision.

During my PhD I was based at the Australian Institute of Sport, servicing their swimming team and assisting their Movement Science research projects. I also travelled internationally as the biomechanist with Swimming Australia. This allowed me to gain practical experience with elite athletes while completing my degrees at VU.

I would recommend VU to any students who are looking to excel in the sport science industry."

Course studied

Doctor of Philosophy

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Elaine Tor